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Resolution Tips For 2011

Choose well. We feel that one of the keys to making successful New Years Resolutions is to aim for something that you really wish to achieve as apposed to feeling pressured by what other people may want for you. While it’s important to feel passionate about whatever it is that you intend to achieve, try not to aim too high this year; think carefully about what it is that you’d to change and why, if you have motivation and plan carefully then you really can make the change this year!

One thing at a time. While there may be a list of things that you’d like to change in 2011 it will probably be best to focus on one for a better chance of success. If you try to achieve too much you will run a higher risk of failure which can leave you feeling very disheartened. Take one thing at a time, pick that ambition that means the most, make a plan and tell people about it so you have as much support as possible.

Fitness. One of the most common resolutions that people commit to at the beginning of the year is to lose weight. If this is your choice then we would urge you to focus on health as apposed to weight loss. Consider taking up an activity that you enjoy, such as horse riding, swimming, dancing or even paint balling, and do it regularly. There are so many fun ways to exercise that you will forget that you’re losing weight as a side effect. This approach will also offer opportunities to meet other people and can really enrich your life. For the best results aim to exercise for half an hour, 3-5 times a week alongside your new hobby. Even a brisk walk to or from work will do it!

Diet. When making changes in your diet the important thing is that they are sustainable. Dramatic dietary changes are often only manageable for a limited period of time and when you revert back to your old diet the weight will come back too. We would recommend making one or two small changes that you can stick with permanently; i.e. swap your full fat milk for semi-skimmed and opt for smaller portions at meal times. Changes like these really can result in lasting changes.

Smoking. Giving up smoking is a very worthwhile resolution but you will have to be very determined and it certainly isn’t an easy thing to do, so get as much support as you can. These days there is a lot of help available to those who wish to quit, start by visiting your Doctor who can give you advice and help you to get started.

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