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Characteristics of Inherited Purpose

Fear, not Love: While our true purpose is based in love, the inherited purpose is based in fear. It’s fabricated when we feel unsafe or threatened. Its primary job is to keep us safe, secure, and ultimately small, and it is masterful at its job.

Something Missing: A life primarily shaped by inherited purpose is missing some basic elements, including satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy.

A Background Phenomenon: Because we grew up with the inherited purpose shaping our lives, it lives in the background of our consciousness. It’s like the sound of the refrigerator we never hear until it suddenly cuts off. In fact, being in the background is what gives it so much power in our life. Thus, it’s as important for each of us to become as clear about our inherited purpose as our true purpose.

Default Mechanism: Last of all, the inherited purpose is the default mechanism of being human. If you’re not familiar with the term “default mechanism,” think of a screen saver on a computer. If you don’t tap on the keyboard after a certain period of time, the screen saver function defaults and takes over. The same is true of your inherited purpose. You don’t ever need to worry that you will one day wake up not knowing who you are, because the inherited purpose will always be there to tell you who you are and to shape your life–if you don’t choose to have your life shaped by something else, such as your true life purpose.

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